The worst and the most feared
is happening. The North Pole is
melting with an alarming rate.
It is worst than first predicted.
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Huge section of Ayles Ice Shelf broke off


NASA Finds Arctic Replenished Very Little Thick Sea Ice since 2005
Source: Nasa/JPL


Authoritative Report Confirms Human Activity Driving Global Warming
Source:Washington post



"The warming we see is another indication that climate is now changing, and in ways that may not have been experienced in several million years"

David Rind, a senior researcher at the
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York

Parts of Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and the Antarctic have been experiencing warming well above the global average for the past few decades. This trend fits climate model predictions for a world with increasing levels of greenhouse gases. Melting permafrost is forcing the reconstruction of roads, airports, and buildings and is increasing erosion and the frequency of landslides.